Readout Upgrade System

Spectrographic Technologies is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new readout upgrade system. The simple console replacement with a desktop PC reduces down time while maintaining operational procedures. Keep that obsolete equipment running through the use of our PC software.

What is it?

Some of the Leco machines supported by our readout upgrade system. Top: Leco SC-132, Left: Leco TC-136, Bottom: Leco CS-344

The readout upgrade system is a custom made software solution designed by Spectrographic Technologies which replaces that old readout system. The system, comprised of a PC card, a familiar software interface, and a cable to connect your old machine to a PC is a simple replacement for that old clunky readout machine.

The interface is designed to have the look and feel of your old readout machine, while adding some operational features that will increase productivity. You can export your test data to text files and excel spreadsheets for easy analysis. It also expands on the capabilities of your existing console to allow alpha-numeric coding and data manipulation.

See it work!

Click here to see a demo of the Readout Upgrade system.

View an operational demonstation of the Readout Upgrade. (Macromedia Flash). For more details or pricing information, please contact us.

The system is available for the following machines:

The Old Way
The Old Way: Obsolete control console for Leco machines.
The New Way
The New Way: Connect your Leco machine to a Personal computer using our custom software and hardware solution.